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Nelms Music Planet offers various Professional Services individually or bundled


Artist Development


Helping artists develop their skills to positively shape their careers for both the immediate future and long-term. This includes helping to improve their image, networking, professionalism and producing their demo. 


Artist Management


Manage and promote artists' careers, run their business affairs and negotiate the best gigs at the best fees.  Secure opportunities to showcase artists' talents and advise on decisions. including execution of contracts.  


Music Production


Serve as executive producer for artists' music projects.  Via several outsourcing agreements, acquire music producers, recording engineers, musicians and vocalists for creating musical tracks (singles, EPs and albums).  Manage the distribution of mastered musical works in the marketplace.


Marketing & Promotions


Oversee advertising, selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communications and promotions to the public to progress artists' careers.  Manage marketing campaigns used to inform or persuade target audiences to support artists' careers and purchase artists' products.   


Concert Tour Underwriting


Finance artists' concert tours associated with music projects.  Financing includes all expenses: including travel, hotel, meals and wardrobe for artists and other necessary members (band, vocalists, etc.).  Represent artists, working on their behalf, to negotiate contracts and collect payments for artists and members. 


Publishing and Songwriting


Ensures songwriters' original compositions receive payment when they are used commercially.  Company will license compositions, help monitor where compositions are used, collect royalties and distribute them to songwriters and promote compositions to recording artists, film and television.  If you are an artist that needs original material, we also have a "Songs on Demand" service where we will creatively write compositions for your projects.

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